UV Natural is looking to sponsor select young athletes who excel in their chosen sports.  Sponsorship level will be determined by levels of excellence, profile in your sport and achievement. Good attitude and sportsmanlike behaviour is imperative for the face of UV Natural.  Applications should include history and achievements in the sport, community awards, scholastic profile, character reference (2), personal goals and a brief explanation as to why they would be a good representative of UV Natural.

Sports for current consideration:  

Surfing, bodyboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding, snow skiing, snowboarding, golf, tennis, cycling.

Consideration is not limited to the current list above, if you feel your sport would assist the profile of UV Natural then please send your details in as requested below.

Applicants should send their details with a photo(s) to :

UV Natural Sponsorship 
2/40-46 Nestor Drive
Meadowbrook Qld 4121
Tel: 1300 977 457

Current list of professional sportsmen and women with UV natural:

Golf: Geoff Ogilvy – 2006 US Open winner

Surfing: Taj Burrow, Nathan Webster, Tom Carroll, Michael ‘Munga’ Barry, Randall Paulson, Layne Beachley, Melanie Redman-Carr, Kate Skarrat, Bethany Hamilton

Children: ABC’s Active Kids – Scott & Amy

We Currently Sponsor

Sophie Wood

Alpine Ski Racer

Bethany Hamilton

Pro Surfer

Scott Wintle

2007 National & World Champion
Water Ski Trick Event
Paraplegic Athlete

Kate Skarrat

Australian Champion Surfer

Scott & Amy

Active Kidz ABC TV Show   

Mel Redman-Carr

Australian Champion Surfer

Maverick Banes

Australian Junior Tennis Champion

Recent testing in the Maldives – UV Sport

UV Natural also Sponsors