Features & Benefits


• Cruelty-free

• ARTG/FDA Listed

• Suitable for all members of the family

• Tested to determine skin sensitivity

• Smooth texture

• Light pleasant fragrance

• Clear easily absorbed formula

• 2 hour water resistant /
3 hour water resistant

• 3 year shelf life


• No testing on animals and all SPF30+ products are vegan

• Meets AU/USA standards

• Healthy protection for all including sensitive and teenage skins. Babies under 6mths, consult a doctor. Patch Test Recommended on back of neck.

• Using RIPT (Repeat Insult Patch Test)UVNatural 30+ showed a result of 0

• Moisturising, Hydrating and Skin Conditioning oils

• No irritating odours, no synthetic fragrances.  No preservatives, natural smell of product disappears after 15-30mins

• Easy to wear

• Protects whilst in the water

• Long life, no waste, good value