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UVNatural Chill Skin Cooler

5.0 rating


FB REVIEW : CHILL is AMAZING ! OMG ! The uses for this lotion are endless . I used it for an itch that that just wouldn't scratch and a Fungal infection and it worked brilliantly. A friend of mine used it for a Bacterial infection , we were amazed at the quick results. I found that this product also had a calming effect and alleviated my irritability and stress . My son had a cold and I put it under his feet at night before bed, and he felt better in a couple of days. He is almost 13 and loves this product, because it also cleared up the pimples on his forehead. I use it for everything now and it smells divine. I Love CHILL.

UVNatural Sunscreen SPF30+

5.0 rating


I bought this sunscreen for my son who can not use standard sunscreen due to sensitive skin, chemical sunscreens give him a nasty rash. He has no issues with this lovely sunscreen and uses it daily. It is very moisturising for the skin. I use it for myself as well and love that it has no chemicals! Fabulous.

5.0 rating


Been using this for about 6 years now and can’t live without it! I have dry sensitive skin tending to rosacea and this meets all my needs for a sunscreen! It has reduced all the above symptoms with regular use, even lightly applied to my face in winter. It acts as a moisturiser too, due to its grape seed oil base and this can make it difficult to remove but an oil based cleanser fixes that no problem! I only apply one a day and very rarely need to reapply. I think it’s because it’s a physical sunscreen so does the job as long as it remains on the face.On days I don’t use it my face feels dry and sensitive so it has become part of my daily morning ritual.As a professional beauty therapist I can honestly say that this product is fabulous! You can apply make up on top or mix a little bit with your foundation then apply. A light dusting of powder fixes it but can feel a bit heavy. Most definitely a case of using less is best. A little goes a long way so it’s good value too!