Chris Walton
The Eco Village

My name is Chris Walton and I am the founder of the Ecovillage at Currumbin, winner of the World’s Best Environmental Development in 2008.

At 54 and often working in the sun and a keen surfer, I know the value of a good sunscreen.  I have tried many, but none compare with UV Natural. This sunscreen goes on easily and it really works even after a few hours in the surf. The best thing is it doesn’t leave that thick opaque residue that I have found with all other sunscreens.

I found that it enhances my skin, moisturises it as well as being a sunscreen! It’s not the cheapest but it is by far the best that I have ever used and worth every cent.

Well done UV Natural.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was born in February 1990. Born into a family of surfers she showed competitive talent at the age of 7.In 2003, at only almost 14 years old, Bethanys arm was severed completely by a 14Ft Tiger shark in Hawaii as she was surfing with her best friend Alana. This did not stop Bethany; she was back on her board in no time, and surfing and working towards competition. She now actively competes in Surf comps all over the world. Bethany Hamilton is an inspiration to all of us, a true soul surfer who never gave up on her dream.

UVNatural was proud to hear that Bethany prefers UVNatural than any other sunscreen and appreciates the quality of our products.

Kate Skarrat
Australian Champion Surfer

My name is Kate Skarratt. I have been a competitive surfer for 9 years and previously a top 16 surfer on the World Championship Tour for 7 years. I won the prestigious big wave WCT event in Tahiti in 1999 and other events such as the Margaret River Masters and Nias Open. In 2001 I performed in the Universal Pictures production, Blue Crush in a role as myself and as a stunt double. For one of my stunts in this film I was nominated for ‘Best Female Stunt’ at the World Stunt Awards. Through out the last year I have also taken on the role as a TV host on the Fuel Channel. 

As you can see I spend my life in the outdoors. No matter where I am in the world I usually surf everyday and if I can’t get to the beach I go swimming at a pool. Obviously I have to be careful about getting sunburnt, but over the years it has bothered me that I need to use so much sun cream. When I heard about UV Natural I was honestly REALLY excited. Now I don’t need to hesitate when I need sun cream and I don’t get burnt. “I have always been concerned about my skin aging more rapidly as being in the sun for lengthy times; it became very dry and damaged. I am aware of the dangers of UV rays and the importance of wearing sunscreen daily. I also use UVNatural Sun and Body oil everyday as it is a perfect after sun moisturizer for my skin and smells beautiful. I am very proud to promote what I believe is the best sunscreen from Australia.

Kate Skarratt

Mel Redman-Carr
Australian Champion Surfer

Thanks for the product it all fits and I have been using it all the time.

I find the sunscreen works really well and smells good and is nice on the skin. I feel pleased every time I put it on that I am making an improvement to my skin with all the good ingredients.

I highly recommend UV Natural as the sunscreen that all should use. Not only is it effective to screen the sun’s harmful rays, it has made an improvement to the texture of my skin.

ABC’s Active Kids – Scott & Amy

We love UV Natural Sunscreen – Its natural ingredients keep us safe and protected from the sun and it has a great non- greasy formula and for us that means …..It’s ALL GOOD!”

Keep Activated,
Scott and Amy

Maverick Banes
Australian Junior Tennis Champion

My name is Maverick Banes and I’m a junior professional tennis player. I’m currently ranked No. 2 in Australia for 15&U and the top 10 in the world for the same age group. I have recently won the Australian U16 National Claycourt Singles Championships and at the Darwin International U18 event, I got to the Semi-finals of the doubles.

I play tennis every day and am always outdoors – often during the hottest and most dangerous parts of the day when the sun is concerned. Especially when I play in hotter climates, I’m constantly sweating and toweling down, rubbing my sunscreen off totally and therefore getting burnt.

However since I’ve started using UV Natural, the sunscreen protects my skin a lot more and I haven’t been burnt at all!  I need to apply it less often which is a big help and it’s also nice to know that when I smother it everywhere, the ingredients aren’t going to harm my skin but look after it seeing as I apply it so often.

Thank you, UV Natural for creating such a good sunscreen! I will continue to 
use it and recommend it to not only my friends and family but tennis partners and opponents too.

My wife and I have been using “Its All Good” UV Natural Sunscreen for over twelve months and are very happy with the product.

As professional yoga teachers, we are very conscious of maintaining the health of our bodies. Accordingly, we only eat organic whole foods and use chemical free cleaning products.

When we discovered UV Natural, we were delighted to find it contained no chemicals or toxins of any kind. As I have sensitive skin, I have had trouble with many different sunscreens in the past, but not so with UV Natural. It has been a pleasure to use and has proved extremely effective at preventing sun burn.

We believe this is a wonderful product and hope to continue using it in the future.

John Fell, Rise Fitness, Dee Why, NSW

Scott Wintle
2007 National & World Champion
Water Ski Trick Event
Paraplegic Athlete

As a member of the Australian Disabled Water Ski Team I spend many hours on the water training and competing. During this time I am not only exposed to the sun from above but the reflection from the water.

It is therefore very important to me to have a sunscreen that I can trust to protect me from the sun’s harmful effects.

UV Natural sunscreen provides me with this protection. I use the SPF30+ Sports cream which is water resistant and easy to apply. It also has a pleasant fragrance and doesn’t dry out my skin like some other sunscreens. It’s all good!

Dear Shirley

Just wanted to let you know how much I love UV Natural.  My 5 year old son loves to spend lots of time at the beach and is constantly in and out of water.

Whilst I’ve always put sunscreen on him, I’ve found that since I started using UV Natural his skin has become even softer than before.  I can’t stop cuddling him!!!

I’ve let my friends try the sunscreen and they all love it!

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product.

Ivana, Collaroy, NSW

I heard about UV natural when the company first started and a friend of mine was planning to start a distribution outlet to sell UV natural sunscreen.

I am 56 years of age and have been an outdoors person most of my life working in the Northern Territory, farming in the Riverina and Central Queensland as well as being involved in the transport industry and playing a sport most of my life. I was always an avid user of sunscreen and applied it on a daily basis. Unfortunately, in my days we did not have the choice of a natural solution.

Regardless of my constant use of sunscreens I suffered and have suffered now for over twenty-three years with sun cancers on my face and body. I have had numerous surgeries to remove these dangerous cancers leaving my face hugely scarred, tight and very sensitive to anything I would put on my skin. Going out in the sun using any sunscreens would leave my face feeling burnt and tight. My face was left feeling sore, dry and so tight that you could not pinch the skin. The scarring left by the surgical removal of the sun cancers was very pronounced.

I started using UV Natural in 2004 when you first made it and the change in the texture of my skin was noticeable in a very short time.

My skin is now soft and pliable and it is no longer sensitive to touch. It is the only product I can use on my face and body with confidence. My Wife and family cannot believe the difference to my face and general well being. Recently I had cancers cut out from both the upper and lower eye lids of my right eye as well as from above my lips. As usual, I have been applying UV Natural to these areas as soon as the stitches were removed. As UV natural does not run there is no irritation to my eyes.

I am very thankful that finally such a great product has been invented and know that there would be so many people suffering as I have been who will be pleased to be able to finally use an effective natural product on their skin.

I am grateful that I also now have the opportunity to be supplying UV Natural to the consumer. As I am now working for one of your distributors, I feel I have a great opportunity to educate people about sun damage and the affects they have long term. The result is obvious by just looking at my face.

I am more than happy to meet and tell anyone my experience so please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for inventing such an outstanding product.

Darryl Grice, Burpengary, Queensland

Hi, I recently purchased some of your SPF 15 sunscreen at Terrigal. As I have a skin condition, I only purchased your 125ml tube to try out. I am pleased to say that unlike all the other sunscreens I have used before  your sunscreen did not irritate the existing problem,  I was as shocked as was everyone around me. 

Jodie, Parramatta, NSW

You guys make a fantastic product – your Sun and Body Oil! I use it when I cycle to work in the morning when sunblock is a bit excessive. As a result, my skin is wonderfully soft so I’m using it as a moisturiser all over.

Now my bottle is empty and I want more! So do my friends and family!

Marina Greaney, Editorial Assistant, Conscious LivingMagazine/Expo/Web, Perth

I was so excited to see UV Natural advertised in the National Pharmacy brochure that I raced straight out and bought some. At last there is someone who is making a sunscreen that is suitable for my skin. And what’s more, the ingredients are natural and good for the skin as well.

I’m also very happy to be able to buy a natural product like this from an Australian company.

Well done and congratulations!! I’m one very happy customer.


I just would like to say thanks to you, to create this amazing product!!! Well done. I am your number one customer. I use your product everyday, since I do a lot of sports. I am vegan and just use natural products and it was hard to find a product like yours. So. Well done again and keep with the good work.

Ricardo, Sydney, NSW

I have just started buying and using your sunblock – it’s absolutely brilliant, u have designed an incredible product and I know I will be using it forever so please don’t stop making it!

I am also an ex beauty Therapist so I know about the skin and therefore know what a good product is.

The sunblock soothes the skin rather than irritates it and it makes the skin look better as well with a nice sheen all over it. What else can I say? I am hooked.!!!!

Well done again for making such a wonderful product.

Anna Ewart, Director of First Impressions, Capricorn Coast Radio Centre

I am writing on behalf of our son Ethan, who is allergic to every kind of sunscreen out there on the shelves except “UV Natural- Baby SPF30+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen”.

We are so fortunate to have found a sun screen that doesn’t make Ethan’s body break out in a heat rash and itching, especially with our hot sun.

….very happy parents

Louise and Paul Lawrence

I first saw your UV Natural sunscreen in the magazine “Informed choice”. Great I thought a natural  sunscreen at last. I asked my local health food store to try and get it in for me. He was very helpful and within the week had some in. I hope more people will become aware and start to use these products. I have 4 children from the ages 8 to15yrs and have never used sunscreen on them. It has certainly been hard to keep them covered up and out of excess sun exposure. Congratulations on producing an effective sunscreen that I feel safe to let my whole family use. I have waited years for this product and am very thankful to you all.

Rachel Hornby.

Dear Friend,

Americans have been scared into not spending time outside, and the result is lower levels of vitamin D. You need at least 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure three times a week, in addition to supplements, to maintain adequate levels of this crucial vitamin. Remember, vitamin D helps promote healthy bones, and supports the immune and endocrine systems.

But you have to careful. While we need some natural sunlight, too much can cause sunburns that may result in premature aging skin and skin damage. Most sun exposure is incidental—it’s not from lounging by the pool or on the beach. The bulk of your sun exposure comes from activities such as driving in the car or taking a walk outside in the afternoon.

That’s why using sunscreen should be a part of your daily health routine. Much like washing your face or brushing your teeth, you should put it on every day. Just make sure your sunscreen protects you against not only UV-B rays, the short-wave rays that burn the surface of the skin, but also against UV-A rays, longer-wave rays that penetrate deep into the layers of the dermis, damaging collagen and elastin.

The sunscreen I recommend is an all-natural brand called UV Natural. It has an SPF of 30, which blocks approximately 96-98 percent of UV rays. And it’s water-resistant. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the most effective protection from the sun, while nourishing your skin. To learn more about this natural sunscreen, and for an exclusive offer for my readers, click here.


Julian Whitaker 

P.S. While a little sun exposure each week is necessary and healthy, wearing sunscreen should definitely be part of your daily routine. UV Natural is a pure zinc oxide sunscreen that blends into the skin without the white appearance. Plus, it has an SPF of 30 and it’s water-resistant. To learn more, please click here.